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INFORMATIVE REPORT ACCORDING TO ARTICLE 10, ITALIAN LAW NO. 675/1996. According to Article 10, Italian Law No. 675/1996 please take note of the following information: 1. All data received will be used for processing and responding to any requests received. 2. All data will be handled on paper and computer; 3. All and any data received will not be distributed or yielded up to any third parties, but could be used for sending commercial proposals. Please take note that it is always possible to take recourse to Article 13, Italian Law No. 675/1996 by contacting the holder of the information, GEM S.n.c..



GEM S.n.c.
di Morando Sergio e Marco
Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 46
15026 Oviglio (AL)
Tel./Fax + 39 0131 776455

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